Our Mission

At Vindicated, we redefine streetwear by celebrating diversity and unity. Through our powerful designs, we tackle life's challenges, traumas, and share motivational messages. Our focus is not just on selling clothes, but on cultivating a community where individuals can find support, strength, and inspiration. People always come first – it's about empowerment, not just products.

About Us
Justified. Defended. Righteous. Reasonable.  Vindicated is all about the justification of ones actions.  It is living, breathing, proof that you are righteous and you deserve to be defended by the masses. Vindicated was founded by Eddy Puesta, through the darkest and lowest point of his life. Through many trials and tribulations he always found himself having to tirelessly "vindicate" his actions to prove himself to those that doubted him.  The company was founded in a ordinary bedroom; talking about life and how we have the power to shape our own future, despite those who have tried (and failed) to prevent us from realizing our dreams.  He got through many a great things with the help of his closest friends, whom he proudly calls family.  Vindicated LLC is our phoenix that arose from the ashes. This company is proof to us that despite the loss of friendships and relationships, we are justified in our decisions, and we have hope that people will see who the reasonable and righteous ones are in their darkest and lowest times. Welcome to the Vindicated Family where the Righteous & Reasonable People are Defended.